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With sections on nutrition, training, supplements & PEDs, PT & Rehab, and interactive Q&A, Team Troponin has 100s of hours of video footage, educational articles, training logs, and research papers to satisfy everyone's thirst for knowledge.

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Team Troponin is an ever-evolving educational website.  With new content added daily from our Team Troponin experts, a weekly roundtable discussion, and special content from guest contributors, there is always something knew to watch, read, and learn.

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Training Logs

Follow the training logs of top amateur & professional competitors from peak offseason to peak week for a competition. No site goes more in depth in chronicling the day-to-day training of top competitors.

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Justin Harris

Justin is a coach & nutritionist in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and holds degrees in Exercise Physiology and Physics.

Owner of and Co-owner of, Justin puts his experience as competitor and as coach to work providing content to improve the knowledge base of members in all areas of strength and fitness.

Dani LaMartina

As an IFBB pro, top ranked raw powerlifter, and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dani breaks the mold of the traditional clinician and uses her knowledge to chase the highest level of competition. She prides herself on living in the trenches with her athletes and putting her knowledge to the test, uniquely solving problems specific to iron sport athletes and pushing the envelopes of performance and rehab. She is also a columnist for the website EliteFTS.

David LaMartina

David is a technician, and a teacher: his experience with lifting began in high school, absorbing every bit of content he could.  As a coach, Dave seeks to not only provide instruction, but to pass on his love of the training process. He knows the life-altering effects it can have on a person’s life, and he wants them to get the same experience. Working with Dave, you’ll grow stronger and smarter with your own training, and you’ll get countless opportunities to break through physical and mental barriers.